Paul McNeilly Acting CV



Height: 6ft 2 inches Hair: Dark Brown/Bald/Shaven Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue Native Accent: London

Playing age: 44-50
Member of Equity

TRAINING: Basildon Youth Theatre, The Poor School, TVI Studios – Los Angeles
SKILLS: Playwriting, improvisation, directing, workshop leader, drama course devising, sight-reading, sports include boxing and football, extensive experience in stage/screen combat, horse and cart riding
Accents: London (native) R.P., Southern Irish, Manchester, Yorkshire, Geordie, West Country, American (New York and Californian)


Production/Role/Company, Venue/Director

The Dead/Geoff/Superior Films/James Hughes
Bed Without A Quilt/ Father/ NFTS/Ivan Tan
We’ve Got To Stop Meeting Like This/Dan/The Cargo Cult/Jonathan Luke
The Great Unwashed/ Gangster Charlie/ Mangoose Films/Louis Fonseca
Community/Auntie (lead)/New Town Films/Jason Ford
The White Witch/Traumatized Man/Bubble & Squeak/Paul McNeilly
Be Good/ Tough Guy(Kevin)/RSA/Barney Cokeliss
Zebra Crossings/DCI Knowles/Crown Films/Sam Holland
Night Time/The Burglar/104 Films/Steve Butler
Saxon/Kevin/Sillwood Films/Greg Loftin
Outlaw/Danny/Vertigo Films/Nick Love
I Will Never Play The Dane/Hamlet/Ground Floor Group/Flavia Fraser-Cannon
Slam!/Detective Young/Solaris Films/Jonathan Robinson
Trophy/Curly/UK Film Council/Simon Reed
Over The Edge/The Lover/Discovery Films/Jody Medland
Tableaux of Love/Simon/Mahed Films/ Shourjeh Parsimail
This Is Essex/Si Naylor/New Town Films/Jason Ford
Bury It/Sidekick/Twin Track Films/Chris Cook
Mike Bassett–England Manager/England Supporter/Hallmark Films/Steve Barron
Poker Face/The Guv’nor (lead)/Raw Talent/Fred Hogge
A Bunch of Stuff/Dave (lead/ Loaded Films/Steve Livermore
Simple Minds/Cigarette Man/New Town Films/Jason Ford
Driven/James Lish (lead)/Pilgrim Pictures/ Bharat Nalluri
Black Beauty/Cab Driver/Warner Brothers/ Caroline Thomson
Shopping/Policeman/Impact, Channel 4 Films/ Paul Anderson


Friday Night Dinner (Series 4) Laurence/ Channel 4/Martin Dennis
Casualty/Simon Kellman/BBC1/Nigel Douglas
Friday Night Dinner (Series 2) /Laurence/ Channel 4/ Martin Dennis
Friday Night Dinner (Series 1)/Laurence/Channel 4/Steve Bendelack
Merlin/Tindr/BBC1/ Ashley Way
Fur TV/Dave/MTV/Warp TV/Simon Ellis, Chris Waitt
Holby City (Christmas Special)/Kilcaldy Moore/BBC1/David Ennes Edwards
The Bill (2 eps)/Chris Ramsden /ITV/AJ Quinn
Hotel Babylon/David/BBC1/Nigel Douglas
Afterlife/Tim Culver/ITV/Charles Beeson
The Bill/Joshua Armstrong/Pearson/Nic Philips
The Taming of the Shrew/Scary Yob/BBC1/David Richards
Bad Girls/Detective Bell/Shed Prods/Nigel Douglas
M.I.T./Dean Guthrie/Thames/Michael Offer
Teachers/Landlord/Channel Four/Jonathan Fox Basset
The Bill/Lip/Thames/Steve Finn
McCready & Daughter/David Raines/BBC1/David Ennes Edwards
Murder Rooms/Sailor/BBC1/Paul Marcus
Baddiel’s Syndrome/Ian/Avalon/David G. Croft
The Bill/Paul Taylor/Thames/Tania Diez
Lock Stock, The Series/Tony Gibbs/Channel 4/Rudolph Mestdagh
Doctors/Maurice Winton/BBC1/Nic Philips
Tenth Kingdom (3 eps)/Prison Warder/Carnival Films/David Carson
DaylightRobbery/Bailiff/Hewland/Carlton/David Ennes Edwards
The Bill/Jamie Curran/Thames/Albert Barber
Taggart (3 eps)/Sgt. Tom Renshawe/ STV /Richard Holthouse
City Central/Naz/ BBC1/ Keith Boak
Dream Team (4 eps)/Kenny/Hewland (Sky)/Ray Kilby
A Respectable Trade (2 eps)/Captain Smedley/ BBC1/ Suri Krishnamma
The Bill/Eric Bailey/Thames/Albert Barber
Bodyguards/Chris Franks/Carlton /Ken Grieve
The Knock III (2 eps)/Chris Davies/ Carlton/Frank Smith
Thief Takers/Dobson/Carlton/Terry Windsor
Cold Lazarus/Police Commander/Channel 4/Renny Rye
Eleven Men Against Eleven/Les/Hat Trick/Ch4/Andy Hamilton
The Knock II (3 eps)/Chris Davies/Carlton/Gerry Poulson, James Hazeldine
Soldier Soldier/Sumner/Carlton/Jeff Harris
Our Friends in the North/Ernie/BBC2/Stewart Urban
Open Fire/Ellis/LWT/Paul Greengrass
Roughnecks II (2 eps)/Roger/BBC1/Aisling Walsh
The Bill/Inspector Bronhill/Thames/Aisling Walsh
The Magician/Robertson/LWT/Terry Windsor
Covington Cross/Roland/Thames/Alaister Hallum
An Exchange of Fire/Davison/Channel 4/Tony Bicat
Lovejoy/P.C. Troon/BBC1/Baz Taylor
The Bill/Stephen Porter/Thames/Mike Dormer
Fools Gold/Davy Cooper/LWT/Terry Windsor
Running Late (Screen One)/P.C. Walsh/BBC1/Adayan Prasad
Van Der Valk/Kidnapper/Thames/Tom Clegg

Confessions of a Day Sleeper/Spagman/Red Lion, Shoreditch/Calum Roche <!–
The Ritual/Jonathan/BAC/Orion H
Fragments/Nosh/Theatre N16/Luisa Pretaloni, Paul McNeilly
Draft/Tom/Theatre N16/Sara Joyce
Bubble and Squeak/ Bubble/The Bridge (Site Specific)/Paul McNeilly,Jon McKenna
Bubble and Squeak/Bubble (lead)/London Theatre (Lewisham Fringe Festival)/Paul McNeilly
Odds and Ends /Edmund (King Lear)/Phoenix Arts Club/Barry Ryan
Pilgrims Progress/Giant Despair/Dei Artistry, St James Church/ Oli Rose
A Little Bit Of Something Nice Hamlet/Mickey (Mojo)/Bubble & Squeak/Michael Hobdell
Bubble and Squeak/Bubble (lead) /Phoenix Arts Club/Barry Ryan
Arthur Schemmings/Arthur Schemmings (lead)/County Hall, ‘Write On’ Festival/Paul McNeilly & Mike Hobdell
The Caretaker/Mick/Compass Theatre/Charlotte Baldwin
The White Witch/Traumatized Man/Theatro Technis/Michael Hobdell
The Winding Stick/Narrator/Central St Martins/Elise Valmorbida
Wild Turkey/The Man (Hank)/Naarch T.C./Nadia Fall
The Giltch and Turn/Damien, Guy/Southwark Playhouse/Paul McNeilly & Katharine Peachey
Cherry Picnic/Terry Fisher/Old Red Lion/Paul McNeilly & Emma Keast
The Glitch and Turn/ Damien, Guy/Site-specific tour/Paul McNeilly & Emma Keast
Influenced/Wayne/Etcetera/Amy Hodge
Arrivederci Millwall/Harry Kellerway, Padre/Stratford Circus, Union Theatre/Tony James </
Happy Families/Derek/Kings Head/Colin McFarlane
Descent/Shaun/Oval House/Paul Everitt
Not Gods But Giants/Geoff/The Traverse/Paul McNeilly
The Goys/Len/Nuffield, Southampton/Penny Gold
Not Gods But Giants/Geoff/The White Bear, Old Red Lion/ Colin MacFarlane & Paul McNeilly
I’m No Angel/Vincent (male lead)/Nuffield, Southampton/Patrick Sandford
Revenger’s Tragedy/Ambitioso/Hen and Chickens/Sarah Frankcom
Ladies Night/Graham/No.1 Tour/Paul Kerryson
Macbeth/Banquo/Circus Space/Robert Bowman
Egon Schiele/Egon Schiele (lead)/Duke of Cambridge/Tony James
Picnic/The Stretcher Bearer/The Gate/Mary Peate
Lorca and Me/Salvador Dali/Theatro Technis/Peter Ryan
Lysistrata/Cinesias/Cracked Mirror/Tony James
Hamlet/Hamlet/Basildon Towngate/Tony James


Blowing the Budget/ Dodgy Geezer/Plank Industries/ Ed Kear
The Sketch Bank/BNP Member/
Sketchbank/Jai Rajani
Changing Rooms/Terry Clacton/Plank Industries/Ed Kear/Kris Thompson
Arthur Schemmings (10 episodes)/Arthur Schemmings (lead)/Bubble and Squeak Prods/Paul McNeilly
The Sketch Bank/Policeman/Sketchbank/Jai Rajani
The Danger Men/Paul/Bill and Ben Prods/Nick Rutter


Paul has been the subject of two documentaries ‘Stage Struck’, and the follow up, ‘Forty Minutes On’ for BBC2’s Forty Minutesstrand. Paul has also appeared in many corporates, music promos and commercials – including Nokia viral campaign, directed by Richard Ayoade, Holsten Pils with Denis Leary, as well as being the face of The Birmingham Midshires ad campaign.


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