Showreels and Screen Acting

Showreels and Screen Acting

A showreel is your personal statement to the industry.  Our showreels are made to casting director specifications, and are filmed over two days (or one if convenient), culminating with a professional standard show reel (including two full edits, tailor-made scripts, and all actors included).

We ensure the experience is unique to you, and is always professional, informal, and friendly.

We will also teach you all you need to know about professional acting for film and TV if your experience needs boosting.

It costs £350 for the four scene reel. To help our clients, we are happy to accept payment in two installments – the first as a non-refundable deposit, after an initial meeting and screen acting tutorial (if needed); the second at the completion of filming.

To give it a taste of authenticity, and to prepare actors for the discipline of filming, we shoot it much like a short film, in locations in and around Central London.


Subjects likely to be covered include:

  • What do we mean by ‘acting for screen’?
  • Differences between film and stage acting – ‘cone theory’.
  • Discipline and approaches needed for effective performance on screen.
  • Analysis of close-ups and mid-shots – to blink or not to blink!
  • What should an actor’s relationship with the camera be?
  • The importance of thinking (being) rather than showing/demonstrating.
  • Cultivating positive mental approaches/attitudes to screen acting.
  • More close-up work.
  • Does the camera lie? If so, how?
  • Hitting the mark – what this means.
  • How to ‘own’ the mark.
  • The importance of ease and relaxation in front of camera.
  • ‘Owning the space’.
  • Re-action shots (re-acting = acting).
  • Listening with your eyes.



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