A showreel is your personal statement to the industry. It is easier to attract an agent with a good one, as well as getting paid work.

Our superb, high quality showreels are made exactly to casting director specifications. We usually film them over two days (or one if more convenient), culminating in a professional standard show reel (full edits, tailor-made scripts, actors and locations are included).

We ensure the experience is tailor-made to suit you, and is always professional, informal, and friendly.

The advantage in choosing us is that we include one scene with an established TV actor (over 50 appearances), and our scenes are written by a genuine writer. For those with little experience of screen acting we also offer a free 2 hour tutorial in advance of filming.

  • Many people’s reel of choice is our Classic Four scene reel. Each scene is written with a differing intensity and variety, especially for you. To give it a taste of authenticity, and to prepare actors for the discipline of filming, we shoot it much like a short film, at locations in and around Central London. £350.
  • To help our clients, we are happy to accept payment in two installments – the first as a non-refundable deposit, after an initial meeting and screen acting tutorial (if needed); the second at the completion of filming.

Further highly-competitive offers:

  • The Elite Reel: 6 contrasting, bespoke scenes tailored to all of your strengths and casting types, filmed on location in London over 3 days. £600. Plus unlimited edits. For those who require not only an amazing reel but also a full-on filming experience.
  • 2-4-1 deal: 3 scene reel for £175 each. Great value! You supply a partner and we will make each of you a reel.
  • 2 scenes: to augment and strengthen the reel you have. Filming over one day, and edited into your existing reel. £150
  • 1 scene: a scene specially written to add some contrast to an already existing reel. Plus edit. £100.

We will also supply you with an extensive list of agents who currently have their books open if required, and place you on our list for a free scene later in the year.


Both the experience and the resulting show-reel was invaluable in building my confidence and enabling me to land film roles very quickly, and to feel up to the challenge. A total bargain and I can’t recommend it highly enough.’
– Dom Burke

‘After seeing the quality and professionalism of the showreels from Paul McNeilly’s “Complete Screen Acting I was immediately interested.

Paul is a witty, very likeable person who is more than willing to impart his wealth of knowledge that he has amassed in his thirty years in the business as an actor and director.

Hitting your mark, use of props, listening with your eyes are just some of the many topics covered by him, and at the end you receive a high quality showreel that is worthy of any Casting Directors viewing!

If you are serious about a career in film and television, I would recommend these reels to anyone!’
– Peter Lloyd-Jones

‘Paul is a very good teacher with a keen insight into the do’s and don’ts of the business of screen acting. His direction should bring out the best in students wishing to endeavour in this field. He covers areas that even long-standing and experienced actors are unaware of and though this is fine for all it is especially nurturing for those who are fresh behind a camera. As it gives them a good footing. His love for, and experience of screen acting have accrued details and minutiae that make for special performances when added to the bricks and mortar.

Personally I found it highly enjoyable and interesting and all at a gift of an affordable fee. I went on to do a few scenes in a feature film shortly afterwards and I was complimented by both the director and the D.O.P for the strength of the acting. A must do for actors who want to improve and experiment with different genres.’ – Vito Hind



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